Bluefield Area Transit

Bus Service for Mercer and McDowell Counties


Our Mission Statement

 Bluefield Area Transit’s goal is to provide the citizens of Mercer and McDowell counties with a safe, reliable and dependable public transportation system. 

Bluefield Area Transit is committed to provide our patrons various routes, schedules and services. 


Quick Facts

Questions about Capital Transit schedule or services?

Bluefield Area Transit    304.327.8418

Fax                                     304.325.6783


Complaints, Comments, Suggestions:

Bluefield Area Transit    304.327.8418



November of 2013 BAT moved into our new facility,

Located at 3208 John Nash Blvd Bluefield, WV 24701


Bluefield Area Transit Management:

Director – Patrick McKinney

General Manager – John Reeves

Assistane Manager – Olivia Lawson

BAT is a department of the City of Bluefield, WV

We receive funding from both Federal and State Grants, along with contributions from the City of Bluefield and the City of Princeton.

Bluefield Area Transit also provides Non-Emergency Medical Transportation to both in town and out of town medical appointments.


 Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 1838 Bluefield WV, 24701




Visit us on the Internet at:


Governing Body:

The Board of Directors of the City of Bluefield




Bus Routes and Hours of Service:

South Bluefield, Cumberland Rd,Bluefield –Princeton, Downtown Princeton, Athens;  Mon-Fri; 7:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m.

Rt 52 – Mon-Fri; 7:00 a.m. 4:50 p.m.

Welch, Premier and Gary; Mon – Fri 7:40 a.m. -5:00 p.m.


Ridership, Fiscal Year 2020:

Ridership 181,108


Bluefield Area Transit Employees:

Director/Manager/Assistant Manager    3

Customer Service/Clerical                         3

Drivers                                                        23

Maintenance                                                3



Buses                                      18

High Top Vans                         1

Transit Vans                             3

Sedans                                      2

Min-Vans                                  7

Utility Vehicles                         1

Maintenance Vehicles             2

Vehicle Miles, Annual   845,080



Operations and Maintenance Facility

3208 John Nash Blvd. Bluefield West Virginia  24701


Bluefield Area Transit operations are primarily funded by passenger fare revenues, non-emergency medical transportation services and by both Federal and State administered Grants.


Organizational Success


With the help of Public Transportation Division Director, Susan O’Connell and Mrs. Mitzi Teel, Gateway Regional Transit Authority received operating funds through the Surface Transportation Act; this allowed all debts to be paid off.  In 1991 Gateway became Bluefield Transit System, a department of the City of Bluefield – governed by the City‘s Board of Directors.

In the fall of 2003 Bluefield Transit System became Bluefield Area Transit (BAT); serving Mercer and McDowell Counties.  With the help of ongoing funding from both the State and Federal grants, as well as, fare revenue and local match  Bluefield Area Transit has become one of the leading transit system’s in the state.

BAT has received many awards throughout the years:  Greatest Passenger Increase, Best Maintenance Program, Best Community Project, and Best Marketing Strategy.  The employees have also received numerous awards which include – Driver of the Year, Maintenance Employee of the year, Manager of the Year, and Outstanding WV Transit Employee of the Year.

Bluefield Area Transit’s ridership as gone from 62,000 in 1997 to 181,108 FY20.

BAT’s vision remains, to continue to provide dependable, low-cost public transportation to area residents while seeking opportunities to expand service to residents of Mercer and McDowell Counties where it is not available at this time.


Highlights of BAT’S History


1918  Princeton Electric Company and Appalachian Electric Power Company merged and became Tri-City Transit

1936  Conversions were made from street railway to bus operations, fare was five cents

1974  In May, Gateway Regional Transit Authority was formed

1991  Gateway Regional Transit Authority became Bluefield Transit System; a department of The City of Bluefield

1997  The System moved into a new facility at 1642 Bluefield Avenue

1999  A joint effort between the City of Bluefield and the City of Princeton a Downtown Princeton bus route was established

2001  Service began in McDowell County with routes from Bluefield to Welch and  in Downtown Welch

2002  Routes in War and Ieager were added to McDowell County service, contractual weekend service

Concord College was added and BTS also began the Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Program

2003  Bluefield Transit System became Bluefield Area Transit (BAT)

2013  BAT moved into the new Operation and Maintenance Facility at 3208 John Nash Boulevard, Bluefield West Virginia